Endless-Online Remake

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Endless-Online info

Endless-Online a free game created by Vult-r and others, Has 3 servers now.

The Servers.

Test.Endless-online.com, Is the test server get updates before main and tests them before relased, less people play here.

Main.endless-online.com, Is the main sever there are mor people, which most endless players don't like.

Also the final server is at, hosted.filefront/iamice.The remake server, which is private aporximatley only  50 people there at any given time, and its is styled in the old endless way.


More information on remake.

When you down load from the site in the other passage, Open the file>IN the file click eo updater and you are ready to play.

This will not affect test.endless or main.endless you can play all three. Although, you can speed in test and main on remake if yo speed even a little around noone you will be banned, 1st time for 30 mins to an hour, 2nd time for a day, and finally 3rd time ip ban which will not be lifted.

Test server

More information on test server.

Test, is tun by Vult-r and the other admins, although they are hardly on.Test will have around 100-250 people depending on the time you are on.

Test has the latest version, and will get versions before other servers to test them. Report bugs glitches and things like that to admins to improve the game for all. 

Main server.

More information on main server.

 Run by Vult-r and the other admins, They hold events and other things to make the eo players feel at home.

Main has many people online, around 1000-2000 depending on the time.Main recieves updates after they are tested in test server.